Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Traveling safely with your Dog

When traveling in your car with your dog, you want your best friend to remain as safe and comfortable as possible.

Here are three articles to help you and your dog to reach your destination with safety and comfort.

Special thanks to writer Puppy Fashionista. (Who can resist a pen-name like that!)

If traveling to your next vacation destination via car, take your dog with you. Most will love the trip and meeting new people. You will love not having to pay expensive boarding fees. Follow these directions to safely travel with dogs in a car.

If you're taking your dogs on vacation, using dog travel crates is the safest way to travel. They will protect him from taking a flying leap if you must suddenly slam on your breaks or get in an accident. Follow the directions below so you and your favorite fur friend will have a safe and relaxing trip.
When traveling with dogs, always make sure that they are safe inside a travel crate or safety harness. They will make sure they are kept safe in case you must suddenly stop or are in an accident. The safety harness is best for dogs who like to look out the window, are comfortable sitting or lying in relatively the same spot for at least two hours at a time, or when there is not enough room in the vehicle for a travel crate.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Live Abroad, Retire Abroad

Live abroad. Retire abroad.

Many online sources exist for those who want to live the life of an ex-pat, but Live Abroad, Retire Abroad is the best blog I have found on the subject.

The blog, by eHow writer NB Contributor , includes excellent links to sources necessary to those searching for a life on foreign shores.

Before packing your bags, be sure to check out Live Abroad, Retire Abroad and its sister link on the same subject. Live Abroad, Retire Abroad   More on Living and Retiring Abroad

 Happy Trails, Joyce

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Celebrity Infinity: Singers "On Tap"

After a dip in the pool, enjoy finger-snapping music
Do you like '50s music with great vocal harmonies and a finger-snapping beat? Then you may want to book a cruise with Celebrity Infinity and enjoy the musical stylings of the Lehigh University all-male singing group, On Tap.

Through early 2011, On Tap will be featured on the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity. The Panama Canal, Mexico, Florida, Argentina and Uruquay are just some of the ships destinations where you can catch an earful of music to take you back down memory lane. Here is more by Lehigh University writer Kurt Pfitzer.

Lehigh University: On Tap