Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Get to Sanibel Island

Florida's Sanibel Island is known as the sea shell capital of the world. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, this delightful island is a pleasure to visit and easy to get to. Jade Dragon will explain how in a few easy steps.

Happy travels,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anthony's Study Guides

Travel is not always just a physical journey --many travelers are moved spiritually as they travel the globe.

Today I am honored to introduce my readers to a Web site created by a fellow writing friend at

Happy travels, Anthony Delgado. And as the Spanish would say, vaya con Dios.

Nos vemos pronto,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Merida, Mexico Vacation

It's official, ladies and gentlemen. Kurt and I will be visiting Merida for the last two weeks of April. According to a good friend, here is a top-ten list of  must-see locations:

1. Chichen Itza: a full day excursion to the most famous Mayan
archaeological zone is a must do.
2. Uxmal: the second most famous Mayan zone, and we think the most beautiful.
3. Merida Mercado: you haven’t immersed until you’ve been here.
4. Hacienda Temozon: go early, have breakfast, learn about the history
of the haciendas in Yucatan.
5. Izamal: the yellow city built on Mayan ruins and home to the
important Mayan prophet Itzam’na.
6. Celestun: biological reserve on the Gulf of Mexico, with a boat
ride through mangroves to see the flamingos. End the day with a plate
of ceviche.
7. Castro Pacheco murals: in the Governor’s Palace on the main plaza.
8. Merida House and Garden Tour: you’ll be amazed at what you find
inside these old colonial homes.
9. Weekend in Tulum: our favorite piece of Caribbean paradise and the
location of the third most important Mayan archaeological zone.
10: Gran Plaza: just a big shopping mall, but a good way to see hip
Yucatecos behaving like Norte Americanos. It helps you ease back into
the modern world before your return to the States. Buy a t-shirt at
Mayan Xic and drop crumbs on it at Kukis.

Nos vemos pronto, Joyce