Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Road Trips

Hit the road!

July and August are the high travel season for loading up the car and rolling on down the highway.

Where are you headed this summer season?

Most every August my husband and I pack up the little Toyota Echo -- 50 miles per gallon of gas on the open road -- and set off for Henniker, New Hampshire.

We often take back roads from our home north of Philadelphia, so it takes us longer to reach our goal than if we drove the mind-numbing interstates.

But it is so much more fun. The little ice-cream shop north of New York's Taconic Parkway, the first sign of a goat once crossing over into Vermont.

It's priceless.

Happy travels, Joyce

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tombstone Epitaph

Back in my days as a graduate student at the University of Arizona, I worked one summer as the editor for the local edition of the Tombstone Epitaph.

It was during that time that I fell in love with Cochise County, Arizona's most southeastern county. Other parts of Arizona get the most travel press -- Sedona, the Grand Canyon, the resorts of Scottsdale -- but Cochise County is my favorite, quiet nook.

And Tombstone is my favorite Arizona town.

OK, there are a lot of tourist-oriented goings on what with reenactments of the shootout at the OK Corral, for example. But the people, the historic buildings, and the star-studded skies -- well, I could easily call this town home.

An insider hint for first-time visitors: The shootout at the OK Corral did not happen inside the corral itself but on the street outside the corral.

Now you know.

Happy travels, Joyce

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have decided that the next Spanish-speaking country I should visit is Panama. For one thing, I've never set foot on an isthmus -- that I can recall.

For another thing, we have a long-time friend who now lives back home in his native Panama. Nothing like an experienced local to show you the ropes.

Panama City is low-lying which makes for humid conditions. But I understand the interior of the country is cooler due to its higher elevation.

Come January -- when the snow and wind pummel my humble home -- you may find me dipping my toes in the canal. That's the one in Panama, not the one that goes from Albany to Buffalo!

Happy travels, Joyce

Monday, July 20, 2009

Buying a Home in Southwest France

Greetings one and all...I am currently trying to link my blog with a website I really like. Their name is

The problem is, I have yet to figure out the required tech skills needed. But once I do, we can all find out how to buy a lovely little home in France. Sounds delightful!