Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mexico -- Part One: My First Visit South of the Border

OK, if yesterday's blog was about Mexico, why am I calling this second blog on the country Part one? That's because I just thought of the idea of doing a series of articles on the one country I've visited more than any other.

Let's travel back in time to summer 1972.

I was dating Kurt, my eventual hubby, when I first set foot in Mexico. Kurt grew up in Phoenix, and I was visiting his hometown for the first time. That's when we decided to take a day trip to the Mexican border town of Nogales.

Nogales is much smaller than the better-known border cities of Tijuana and Juarez. We drove down to Nogales, Arizona, parked the car, and then walked through customs to other side.

The tourist area is one big flea market -- or so it seemed. Nogales would never rate as a primary travel spot by anyone's definition, but it was tons of fun for me -- someone who was studying Spanish and had yet to set foot in a Spanish-speaking country.

So I had the chance to practice my Spanish and bargain for a few trinkets. I may have taken a picture of a burro standing on a street corner. I do recall that Kurt bought me a silver ring with a turquoise stone. I still have it.


Until next time...nos vemos pronto.

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