Monday, November 30, 2009

Mexico -- Part Two: Los Cabos and The Day of the Dead

In Mexico Part One, I talked about my very first visit to Mexico back in 1972. This time I'll take a look at my last visit which was in 2006.

I had always wanted to visit Mexico during their Day of the Dead festivities, which is November 2. All Souls' Day.

The Mexicans have a ritual where they set up memorials to their deceased loved ones. The memorials include the favorite foods and memorabilia of the loved one.

In 2006, Kurt and I decided to combine a beach vacation with the day of the Dead, or El Dia de los Muertos, as it's known in Spanish. Incidentally, our wedding anniversary coincided with the dates.

In late October, we flew into the airport at Los Cabos, a resort area at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. If you plan to follow my footsteps on your own trip to Cabo, don't do what my husband and I did -- allow ourselves to get talked into a timeshare spiel.

At least we got a free boat ride and meal out of the nonsense, but it was an otherwise waste of our time.

Anyway, The Cabo (cape) area is home to two towns -- the touristy San Lucas, and the more authentic Mexican town of San Jose del Cabo. Since we had never visited either before, we chose a boutique hotel mid-way between the two towns. (It's about 20 miles from one town to the other along the "corridor".)

We couldn't have enjoyed our location more. The beach was deserted, and every night we took sunset strolls to the sound of crashing waves. We were in Cabo for Halloween, our Nov. 1 wedding anniversary and the marvelous experience of the Day of the Dead festivities in San Jose del Cabo.

Can't wait to visit there again.

Happy travels!

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